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A windows Iso-Pern binary for testing is available from Hajo's Iso-band site

From: Greg Velichansky 

3/7/2001 1:21 am
This is the latest release of the SDL display module for Angband.
It includes a skeleton source file to simplify the implementation
of new graphics engine on top of main-sdl.c

Changes since "prerelease" include:

Still to do:

To get main-sdl.c to work:

Untar it in the directory above your angband-2.9.2/ directory. This will
replace main.c and everything in lib/pref/.

Use Makefile.sdl to build.

"make -f Makefile.sdl install" should just work.

main-sdl.c can also be used with older versions of Angband and with
MAngband. Make sure that OLD_TERM_28X gets defined. (Look near the top of

I haven't included a client.c for MAngband but there's no real point yet
and the changes you need to make are trivial. Just make sure to pass argc
and argv to init_sdl().

Speaking of those, there are some command line arguments to control
main-sdl. I forgot to write a help listing so here's an overview (though
you could just look at the code!):

"--hexfont <filename>" will use a different .HEX font. Sorry, only one is
included but you can easily export new ones with xmbdfed (just "apt-get
install xmbdfed" on any internet-connected Debian system. :>).
Some fonts are included in the archive for your amusement.

"--bmp" will use a different .bmp for graphical tiles. main-sdl.c will
attempt to figure out the dimensions of the tiles (fonts too) from the
filename. ie, "16x16.bmp" will be interpreted correctly. so would
"new-stuff-9by17.bmp" - it just looks for two integers in the filename. If
it can't figure it out, it will make (probably incorrect) guesses.

"--fwh <w> <h>" will force the width and height
of the tiles on your screen to whatever you want. Normally it chooses a
size just big enough to fit both the font and the graphical tiles. Note
that scaling is not performed yet. (Sorry, I had to get some sleep.)

"--fullscreen" will cause it to use a full-screen mode. :)

"--gfx" or "-g" will turn on graphical tile display.

"--bpp" will force the color-depth of the main display surface. This
shouldn't affect anything except performance. Normally, I let SDL pick the
color depth. It's supposed to choose one identical to the current display.

"--scaletiles <w> <h>" will scale the bitmap graphics 
to (w,h).

"--scale" will scale the bitmap graphics to the default screen tile size,
which will be the dimensions of the font or w,h from --fwh. 
This is turned on by default if graphics are not enabled on the command

Remember that in Angband 2.9.2, you need a -- on the command line before
any options to display modules.

Press print-screen to dump a .bmp of the current screen.
Press scroll-lock to toggle graphics and text mode. You may need to press
Ctrl-R to refresh the screen before the display actually changes.

Enjoy. :-)

Greg V. (hmaon)

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